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Black and White

Regina Spektor | "Black and White"

"Black and White" is a music promo for Regina Spektor's latest ballad which features the lead ballerina of the Joffrey Ballet at Chicago's long-shuttered Uptown Theatre.

The video premiered on ELLE and was featured on Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune and Paste.


Casper | "Dream"

Broadcast TV spot launching Casper's new Nova mattress.

White Reaper

White Reaper | "Might Be Right"

"Might Be Right" was the first music video from White Reaper's latest album entitled "You Deserve Love".

The video was inspired by the minimalist hard-edge paintings of Ellsworth Kelly, which often employed bright colors and emphasized line and form. It premiered on Pitchfork and was featured on GQ, Stereogum and Paste.


IBM | "Meet the z15" Director's Cut

"Meet the z15" is a piece of ASMR digital content commissioned by IBM to launch their new z15 mainframe.

Learn more about the z15 at IBM.com.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker | "We've Got Your Eyes Covered" Director's Cut

Broadcast TV spot launching Warby Parker's Fall 2020 advertising campaign.

900 Shops

900 Shops | "Nightswimming" and "Incandescence"

"Nightswimming" and "Incandescence" are two large-scale video installations created for the ceiling canopy at 900 Shops - a 465,000 square-foot, seven-level luxury shopping center in Chicago. The finished pieces are on permanent rotation as a ten-screen, fully immersive audio visual experience.


Dyson | "Lightcycle"

Broadcast TV spots for Dyson's Lightcycle Task Light, which automatically simulates properties of natural daylight to help reduce eye strain.

Learn more about Lightcycle technology at Dyson.com.


Interpol | "Turn on the Bright Lights XV"

"TOTBLXV" is a short documentary commemorating the 15th anniversary of Interpol's acclaimed debut album, Turn on the Bright Lights.

Ocean Picture

Big Noble | "Ocean Picture"

Shot using a light-field camera, this music promo delivers pioneering visuals and a textural experience unlike any before. The video premiered on Noisey and was featured on Fast Company.